Jan 8, 2023

Robert Purchase
3884 Woodmere Park Blvd., Unit #9
Venice, FL  34293

Attention: Omar Zucco – Sun News Media

RE: Interview on Friday, Jan 5, 2024

Thank you again for the interview and the extra time you granted to discuss the position. I really enjoyed the conversation and learning more about Sun News Media.

As promised, below are some feature projects in slide show format to highlight my experience in sales & marketing over the past 25+ years:

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Below are samples of my writing and presentation skills which will be useful when preparing proposals, presentations, and custom media kits for Sun Media Clients:

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Example of video production… 

I have also written dozens of social media plans, marketing plans, and RFP/RFQ responses for clients that have produced excellent results.

In addition to the digital marketing skills presented above, I will add that persistent and effective direct sales skills were required to maintain and secure new clients.

My sales, communication, and adept digital marketing skills will prove to be a definite asset to Sun News Media and add to your bottom line. I am also a pleasant people person who can adjust to any work or social situation.

My goal in the first 12 -18 months will be to double the current digital media ad revenue. This of course will also boost offline revenue within the bundle offerings and inherently provide a leaner cost of ad delivery. 

I am seeking a stable employment position with significant upside growth potential – a news media organization is a perfect fit given my background, interests, and personality. I can also assist with overall business strategy, new product development, and online technical stewardship if required by the position. 

I look forward to our next meeting this week.

Sincere Regards,


Robert Purchase
305 849 7349