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This page is a summary of my services and experiences in the management of IT and digital marketing projects; a full portfolio is available upon request. In short, I have been a team member in management, analyst, and developer roles for dozens of successful projects for local and foreign clients. I specialize in online marketing strategies which provide measurable results and focused exposure to the growing online user base.

Billions of dollars in marketing budgets continue to move to the web and digital mediums. I have experience with both large and small businesses whose requirements involve merging offline marketing efforts with new media strategies to attract and retain customers.

Please contact me for a detailed portfolio review.

Robert Purchase B.A., A.I.T.


Client satisfaction and value from your project investment is accomplished by assembling the right team. I have managed teams ranging from 10+ programmers to over 150 data entry staff. By outsourcing and managing resources for larger projects I am able to offer a cost controlled approach and supply IT resources with focused skill sets depending on the project requirements. Below is a summary of my service offerings:

 E-commerce and Social Media Consulting
 Website Development and Hosting
 Content Management Systems

 Search Engine Marketing
 Analytics and Ad Managment
 IT Project Managment
  Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Call 709 765 7722 or email to learn how I can add to your bottom line.